As requested! Some photos of my new place.

So, I had 28 boxes full of stuff to unpack, and I only have 6 left! Woo hoo! Accompishments!

…this does not include the fact that my entire closet is still in my car…

I’ve literally been living in clothes {t-shirts & the like} that I’ve been pulling out of random boxes because for some reason I have saved the easiest part of unpacking {clothes back into dresser drawers} for last. Tomorrow it is.

Did I mention that I have 2 new furry four legged roommates as well as a human roommate?! Meet Lulu and Callie! Yep, 2 dogs living in the same house as my beloved cat Bonnie. Luckily, my room connects with my bathroom and a sitting room, so we are able to block Bonnie off from the dogs when we aren’t at home. 

As far as introducing Bonnie to the dogs, it hasn’t been perfect, but it hasn’t been as horrible as I thought it would be. If anyone has any tips for introducing cats and dogs into the same house…. please let me know!

More pictures and updates to come…!