Being in Houston. & Being a bad blogger.

First and foremost…. Hi!!!!!!

I haven’t been updating as much, and to be honest, that will probably become my new normal. While in biz skewl, I did a lot of my reading and writing in between classes or during my couch time {a very large portion of hours after 3pm} and now I really only update on an occasional evening. 

However, I’m still here!! I just don’t find myself with as much down time as I did before. Which is actually a great thing.

Living in Houston… it is great. Sure, I was probably the most “uncool” person in Austin every time I fought my "Houston is the best city in Texas!" arguments… but now that I’m here, I’m no longer the minority in that opinion.

I’m surrounded every day by awesome coworkers, an amazing roommate, and my lovely family. I find myself with more to do and more going on than I ever did in Austin. Believe it. 

& don’t get me wrong, I loved my Austin friends. But there is something different about Houston. Every weekend… I never know who I’ll hang out with, where I’ll go, or who I will meet. In Austin, I pretty much knew I’d be hanging out with my classmates everywhere I went. But the community here is larger. Everyone has friends of friends of friends. It’s an ever-expanding network. & as a 20-something single girl {& generally social human being}, I see this as a great thing.

It’s Thursday. Only 2 busy days stand between a fun family night followed by Maddie’s visit to Htown! It’s gonna be a good one.